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How your client’s company culture impacts your selling effort

Particularly if you are pursuing opportunities that involve multiple contacts at your client, it will be critical to pay attention to company culture.  In talking with Al Curnow – Vice President, High Performing Culture he stated…”your client’s culture can directly impact your selling effort”.  Some thoughts on how to be more informed and decide on […]

Getting your customer to leave a competitor

We all wish this would happen quickly.  However, many times the customer perceives risk in change.  Some thoughts on how to make the decision to change more comfortable for the customer… Understand impact of change on customer Depending on the size and complexity of your prospective customer, changing partners can have wide ranging impact.  Sampling […]

Challenging getting to executives at your client?

Sometimes executives at client organizations are elusive.  They filter who they choose to spend time with.  The question for you is…who can help you connect and how do you manage that relationship? Do not steamroll Administrative Support Whether the executives at your client are working in person or remote, they likely have someone helping them […]