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Customer delays decision, now what?

Most of the time (maybe not in all cases) you do NOT want to completely stop your pursuit and try to reconnect with the customer closer to their decision timeframe…this approach will not help your chance of closing a deal.  Thoughts on how to approach this situation… Identify reason for delay Connect with your “inside […]

Get customers to commit to a next step!

How many meetings with customers have you left where there was no agreement on the next call or meeting date?  How often after meetings are you saying “I wish I had asked for (A DESIRED NEXT STEP)”?  How to ensure getting agreement on a next step happens more frequently… First…be sure to understand your customer […]

Before hiring your 1st Sales Rep…

If selling is new and/or uncomfortable for you, immediately hiring a sales rep may not be the right move for your company.  Many CEOs/Founders of small companies have hired sales reps that did not work out.  Ideas on what to do BEFORE hiring a sales rep… Enhance your comfort/confidence with selling CEOs of small companies […]

Clients delaying scheduling meetings?

I wish there were quick and easy answers on this topic.  Suggestions you might find on the internet to, for example, offer a time limit on special pricing (and other similar tactics) sometimes do not motivate customers.  Attempting this approach can undermine trust you have worked hard to build.  The answers to how to create […]

How a pipeline helps you sell more

Why is having a pipeline to track opportunities important?  You are likely juggling priorities, making selling one of many responsibilities.  This could help make the most of the time you invest in selling. Value of a pipeline The idea is to get you thinking about these opportunities.  Having key information on one page can be […]

Turning “pilots” into revenue

It is relatively easy to start a “pilot” with a prospective client…particularly if it is at no charge.  The common challenge…how to get the client to start paying.  Some thoughts on how to get you more comfortable doing so… Create a document to manage the pilot Developing a document that outlines the pilot will help […]

Clients picking apart your pricing?

Clients will frequently want to know about pricing as early as possible.  How you present your pricing can directly impact the rest of the conversation with the client.  How to eliminate getting picked apart by clients… Stay away from line item pricing Line item pricing enables the client to question every line.  This puts you […]