Grow your pipeline rapidly – Connect with partners!

Have you been grinding away at trying to grow your pipeline?  Taking a look at where you are trying to find opportunities can sometimes give your effort a boost.  Is most of your effort directly with customers?  How about looking at partners that you collaborate or co-exist with in your customers? 

Be a collector of knowledge to find/win deals

Working with partners can help you identify opportunities and learn how decisions are made.  Partners that have long-term existing relationships can be a wealth of knowledge and can also help you:

  • Get up to speed rapidly (if you are new to the account)
  • Avoid pitfalls
  • Get past “gatekeepers”
  • Meet key contacts

Getting Started

Here is an efficient way to get moving toward identifying more opportunities.

  • Create a quick list of the partners (who have adjacent solutions) you know are engaged in your target accounts. 
  • List areas of your customers where you do not know the partners
  • Start connecting with the existing partners you know to listen and learn
  • Start connecting with anyone that can help you identify the “unknown” partners

After a week or two of this effort, you will be amazed at how much more you know!

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