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  • Asking for an order feel awkward?
    Particularly if you are new to selling, asking for an order or to close a deal can generate some anxiety.  If you have participated in athletic or […]
  • Getting “ghosted” by a customer?
    This is a common topic…my 7/23/2021 email focused on reflecting on your preparation.  I thought some ideas on how you might move forward would help… Do not […]
  • Handling objections – customer does not want “something new”
    People are naturally resistant to change.  Customers become comfortable/complacent with current solutions even if there are deficiencies.  How might you address this challenge? Identify why there is […]
  • Got goals?
    What do you want to accomplish in 2021? We all have many distractions…so here is the challenging part…establishing and staying focused on the goals.  Why have goals? […]

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