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  • Want to win more Requests for Proposals (RFPs)?
    We all have been there…spent a ton of time on an RFP and got “nothing”.  If you look back at some of the RFPs you have responded […]
  • How are you thanking your customers (and prospects)?
    It has been a tough year for many.  I realize this may seem very basic…there is so much going on, however, this relatively small (yet important) task […]
  • Quality of sales calls vs. quantity
    When you are contacting prospective customers, your goal is…of course, to find those that are interested in the solutions you offer.  Customers get tons of calls, emails, […]
  • Following up on video conference sales calls
    Customers are busy, have lots of distractions and certainly do not read many emails.  They scan…so…when you send a cover note your objectives should include: Keeping the […]