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  • Which sales opportunities to pursue?
    You are one person with “X” amount of time…where do you focus your selling effort?  Deciding between smaller opportunities that have shorter sales cycles and larger opportunities […]
  • How to make it easy for the customer/hiring manager to pick you!
    Since face-to-face meetings are still rare, communicating the value you provide has become increasingly difficult.  This applies whether you are in a sales role currently approaching customers […]
  • Have enough contacts in your large customer?
    Large accounts are worth pursuing many times because of the potential payoff.  Making progress in large accounts requires patience, thoughtful planning, and persistence.  After you start doing […]
  • Getting your customer to leave a competitor
    We all wish this would happen quickly.  However, many times the customer perceives risk in change.  Some thoughts on how to make the decision to change more […]

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