More Coaching

If you are early in your sales career, transitioning from an inside sales position to an outside role or to selling solutions, I am confident I can provide valuable guidance through one-on-one coaching.

Each salesperson’s interests, challenges, and environment can differ. The approach that will be the most effective for you depends on several key factors including experience, target accounts, resources and guidance provided by your organization and adaptability.

Send me an email:

Send me an email:

Key Topics:

Differentiating yourself from your competition

o Doing homework on prospects, competition
o Setting up to respond in a more timely manner
o Adding value by not “selling” all the time


o Preparing 
o Leveraging networking
o Making calls (how to start, handling objections)

Driving business in a new territory

o Identifying a target market
o Developing critical partnerships
o Developing, leading presentations
o Promoting wins

Managing Complex Sales Process

o Creating a pursuit strategy
o Driving the process forward (evaluating progress, identifying key action items)
o Managing communication

Managing Customer Relationships

o Selecting key contacts
o Determining the right approach
o Managing communication

Growing Key Accounts

o Identifying eligible accounts
o Defining key criteria
o Ranking accounts
o Developing plans for growth