“I used to struggle to promote my business in a way that felt authentic and fit my personality.  Marc was the right coach for me- he modeled how doing sales is actually all about being genuine, being a good listener, and having a sincere interest and curiosity about your customers.  Since working with him I’ve felt really confident speaking with potential customers, and gotten several new contracts for Rosetta Languages.”

“If you find that you are a founder, or you are part of a team trying to move a solution forward, and you hear a “no”… working with someone who has so much experience like Marc and also really cares about your business objectives and the mission behind those objectives can make a huge difference. It did for us, we ended up closing that deal.”

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“As a startup team with no professional sales experience we were faced with complex tactical, explanatory, and even psychological challenges out of the gate that make selling into the SMB market so difficult. Marc helped prepare us by sharpening the way we approached potential customers, our overall sales process, and provided sound feedback along the way that helped us calibrate our sales methods which resulted in successfully closing business in a way that is authentic and furthered our relationships with our clients. If you need sales guidance at any level your search is over, Marc is the guy for you!”

“Marc’s approach to sales is exactly what I needed as a technical founder: non-salesy but skillful. He also practices what he preaches by asking insightful questions so I never felt I was told what to do during our coaching sessions. Just 4 months ago I thought sales is something I will never do well. Now I feel excited to call prospects and have great conversations about the solutions I am building. It’s literally life-changing. Thank you very much!”

“In working with Marc I enhanced my confidence in leveraging existing connections to find new opportunities and qualifying potential deals.  I am also now more confident in “navigating” sales processes that involve several contacts at the client.  This has helped me use my time more effectively and has been an important factor in the growth of my business. “

“Marc helped me organize qualifying questions to use for sales meetings.  He showed me how to ask the questions and how to prepare with follow-up questions.  It gave me more confidence going into the meetings and made the selling process less scary and stressful!”

“Marc really loves people and it shows in his sales coaching.  His ability to make daunting tasks manageable is VERY helpful.  We have seen him work with seasoned professionals and beginner sales people with great results. Marc knows what works and makes sure you and your organization will succeed if you put in the effort.”