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Celebrate your wins!

Selling can be hard work.  Sales cycles to organizations small and large can take months.  In order to energize your pursuit of the “next deal(s)”, taking some time to celebrate your accomplishment is important.  Here is some perspective… Selling tests you in many ways Figuring out how best to approach your customer can be complex.  […]

How your client’s company culture impacts your selling effort

Particularly if you are pursuing opportunities that involve multiple contacts at your client, it will be critical to pay attention to company culture.  In talking with Al Curnow – Vice President, High Performing Culture he stated…”your client’s culture can directly impact your selling effort”.  Some thoughts on how to be more informed and decide on […]

Handling objections – customer does not want “something new”

People are naturally resistant to change.  Customers become comfortable/complacent with current solutions even if there are deficiencies.  How might you address this challenge? Identify why there is reluctance to change Customers want to look good internally in their organizations.  They measure “perceived risk” with going to a new solution.  If they put effort into selecting/implementing […]