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How to use your proposal to further qualify a customer

In my 4/8/2021 blog post I shared some thoughts about pursuing opportunities when competitors might be ahead of you.  Ok…let’s assume you have decided to move ahead while you know you need more information.  How you can further qualify the prospective customer while reviewing a proposal… Proposal is a “Qualifying Guideline” Your proposal “tees up” […]

Competitors are ahead of you…pursue the opportunity?

So you are pursuing an opportunity and find out that competitors are ahead of you or more entrenched than you currently are.  Should you bail or continue to move forward? When to continue It can be a tough decision.  Some ideas on when you should consider continuing: Prospective client’s interests/challenges align with your capabilities Significant […]

Challenging getting to executives at your client?

Sometimes executives at client organizations are elusive.  They filter who they choose to spend time with.  The question for you is…who can help you connect and how do you manage that relationship? Do not steamroll Administrative Support Whether the executives at your client are working in person or remote, they likely have someone helping them […]

When is the best time to contact customers/prospects?

The sudden shift to work-at-home might have made it easier to reach important contacts for a few months.  However, companies are figuring out how to have calls screened despite working at home.  Some creativity and planning will have you successfully reaching key customer contacts.  There are two sides to this story – you and the […]