Dealing with a gatekeeper?

Sometimes client contacts are reluctant to help.  Before you write them off as a gatekeeper, consider that there are varying ways in which client contacts may be comfortable helping. 

How to start figuring out which one your contact is

Depending on the topic the same contact may seem like a roadblock and/or someone willing to help you.  Some questions to start evaluating your client contact…

  • How interested are they in actively helping you with advice, setting up discussions?
  • How much guidance do they continue to provide as you pursue an opportunity?
  • How much clarity are they providing on the decision process, how your presentation was viewed, etc?

Identify role client is willing to play

Rapidly evaluate your client contact using the chart below.  To what degree or in what way might they be willing to help?

You can confirm/update your evaluation by asking questions such as…

  • How would you feel about sending a note to introduce me to X (key contact in client organization you want to meet with)?

Stay curious…you may find more help than you assumed was available!

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