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Dealing with a gatekeeper?

Sometimes client contacts are reluctant to help.  Before you write them off as a gatekeeper, consider that there are varying ways in which client contacts may be comfortable helping.  How to start figuring out which one your contact is Depending on the topic the same contact may seem like a roadblock and/or someone willing to […]

Building relationships post sale?

Assuming you have sales goals you are focused on, it is easy to find yourself racing to the next opportunity once a deal is closed.  The shortest path to new business is thru existing clients.  A little effort can go a long way… Make clients feel valued – a personal story My wife and I […]

Pursuing business previously lost?

What opportunities almost closed in the past 1 – 2 years?  Excited to try again?  Business you lost can be a good source of potential opportunities.  Listen and learn before you proceed… Figure out what has changed How has your company and/or solution changed or improved?  What has changed at the client? What is the […]

Handling Objections – Price is too high

Please do not immediately lower your price…when you get this objection an opportunity has been created for you to better understand the client’s perspective.  An approach to learning about why you got this objection and how you might respond… Price is high compared to ? Price is always relative…meaning, what are they comparing your price […]

Follow up meetings challenging to get?

Does the following sound familiar regarding a potential client… Two things you can do to help schedule follow up meetings… #1 – Send and leverage an agenda This may sound way too obvious, however, I can tell you I have become caught up in excitement for a meeting and forgotten to do this.  Several days […]

Distractions in the way of selling?

Managing distractions is not easy whether you are trying to get more comfortable selling or a veteran.  If selling is not your favorite thing to do, it is even tougher.  You likely know you need to reach out to new/existing/previous clients and partners — your business depends on it.  Ideas on how to ensure your […]