Before hiring your 1st Sales Rep…

If selling is new and/or uncomfortable for you, immediately hiring a sales rep may not be the right move for your company.  Many CEOs/Founders of small companies have hired sales reps that did not work out.  Ideas on what to do BEFORE hiring a sales rep…

Enhance your comfort/confidence with selling

CEOs of small companies play a critical role in the sales process whether you are leading the process or collaborating with an employee.  The best way for you to know how you want the sales process handled is for you to have more selling experience and get more comfortable.  Nothing can replace the value of encountering the challenges and enjoying the victories yourself.

How do you want the Sales Process handled?

If you do not yet have a Sales Process, it will be helpful to establish or at least outline one before hiring a rep.  Either way, there are many aspects of your Sales Process you may want to manage closely including:

  • Opportunity Identification
  • Qualification
  • Presentation of company and solutions offered
  • Differentiation from competition
  • Structure of proposal documents
  • Value providing to customers

Be patient and persistent

Your focus and determination to become more comfortable selling and develop a sales process will improve your ability to eventually hire the right sales rep…because you have “been there”.  You will also develop a good sense for what role(s) you want the rep to play in the Sales Process.  This may take some time…but it will be worth it!

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