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What I learned from helping college students

I have recently worked with many college student helping them prepare for interviews and getting off to a good start in new sales roles.  They are all bright, hard working and overall very impressive.  Early on, I had to eliminate expectations/ideas normally associated with experienced salespeople and found it was important to identify “where they […]

How are you thanking your customers (and prospects)?

It has been a tough year for many.  I realize this may seem very basic…there is so much going on, however, this relatively small (yet important) task can easily get lost or delayed.  Thanking your customers and prospects for their time will certainly be welcomed. Customers are obvious, how about your prospects? It is easy […]

Following up on video conference sales calls

Customers are busy, have lots of distractions and certainly do not read many emails.  They scan…so…when you send a cover note your objectives should include: Keeping the note to “one screen” Making the information you are including (and likely attaching) EASY to find 1st paragraph Thank the customer for their time in your recent call […]

Handling Objections – “I do not have time”

What does it really mean when you hear this objection? Customer is focused on other priorities…OR… You did not prepare well enough for the call You did not differentiate yourself in the first 30 seconds First…you can certainly face this objection less frequently…invest time to warm up the call – get a referral! Preparing and […]