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Customer delays decision, now what?

Most of the time (maybe not in all cases) you do NOT want to completely stop your pursuit and try to reconnect with the customer closer to their decision timeframe…this approach will not help your chance of closing a deal.  Thoughts on how to approach this situation… Identify reason for delay Connect with your “inside […]

Handling objections – “We have a similar solution”

What does it really mean when you hear this objection? What next? Focus on learning Start asking open-ended questions!  Some you can ask to keep the conversation going and possibly identify an opening… Sometimes open-ended questions like these can get a prospective customer thinking that maybe another option or an additional partner can provide value…and […]

How a pipeline helps you sell more

Why is having a pipeline to track opportunities important?  You are likely juggling priorities, making selling one of many responsibilities.  This could help make the most of the time you invest in selling. Value of a pipeline The idea is to get you thinking about these opportunities.  Having key information on one page can be […]

Pursuing business previously lost?

What opportunities almost closed in the past 1 – 2 years?  Excited to try again?  Business you lost can be a good source of potential opportunities.  Listen and learn before you proceed… Figure out what has changed How has your company and/or solution changed or improved?  What has changed at the client? What is the […]

Handling Objections – Price is too high

Please do not immediately lower your price…when you get this objection an opportunity has been created for you to better understand the client’s perspective.  An approach to learning about why you got this objection and how you might respond… Price is high compared to ? Price is always relative…meaning, what are they comparing your price […]

Follow up meetings challenging to get?

Does the following sound familiar regarding a potential client… Two things you can do to help schedule follow up meetings… #1 – Send and leverage an agenda This may sound way too obvious, however, I can tell you I have become caught up in excitement for a meeting and forgotten to do this.  Several days […]

Quality or quantity of sales calls?

When you are contacting prospective customers or partners, your goal is…of course, to find those that are interested in the solutions you offer.  Customers get tons of calls, emails, notes on social media…and ignore most, if not all.  Making a ton of calls and getting ignored sounds tiring and not very rewarding.  How to approach […]

Clients picking apart your pricing?

Clients will frequently want to know about pricing as early as possible.  How you present your pricing can directly impact the rest of the conversation with the client.  How to eliminate getting picked apart by clients… Stay away from line item pricing Line item pricing enables the client to question every line.  This puts you […]