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Handling Objections – “I do not have time”

What does it really mean when you hear this objection? Customer is focused on other priorities…OR… You did not prepare well enough for the call You did not differentiate yourself in the first 30 seconds First…you can certainly face this objection less frequently…invest time to warm up the call – get a referral! Preparing and […]

How a salesperson should approach a Chief Financial Officer (CFO)

Chief Financial Officers frequently play an important role in decisions customers make.  Whether they are actively or passively engaged, you should assume they are involved.  Have you ever thought a deal was moving forward only to hear “the CFO has an objection”?  It is critical to proactively develop a working relationship with the CFO at […]

How a sense of urgency NOW with customers can grow your business

Customers are trying to finish 2020 in the best shape possible and are planning for 2021.  They are likely working on 2nd drafts of plans for 2021 and are beginning to make decisions about priorities…meaning, what projects will get funded and who they spend with.  Assuming 2020 has been challenging for them, they are “crazy […]

Should you send your proposal ahead of the presentation?

Most reps have wrestled with this question.  One approach does not fit all situations.  Some ideas that can help you decide how to proceed… Key Factors There are many to consider…here are some of the primary ones: Role(s) of contacts in the presentation? How well do you know the contacts? History with your company and […]