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Handling objections – customer does not want “something new”

People are naturally resistant to change.  Customers become comfortable/complacent with current solutions even if there are deficiencies.  How might you address this challenge? Identify why there is reluctance to change Customers want to look good internally in their organizations.  They measure “perceived risk” with going to a new solution.  If they put effort into selecting/implementing […]

Got goals?

What do you want to accomplish in 2021? We all have many distractions…so here is the challenging part…establishing and staying focused on the goals.  Why have goals? Ever feel like your selling effort is not focused or lacking direction?  Having goals gives your selling effort purpose and enables you to “recenter” yourself when you feel […]

Which sales opportunities to pursue?

You are one person with “X” amount of time…where do you focus your selling effort?  Deciding between smaller opportunities that have shorter sales cycles and larger opportunities that take longer to close can be challenging.  A couple of ideas that may help you prioritize… How do you define a “Qualified Opportunity”? Having a definition for […]

How to make it easy for the customer/hiring manager to pick you!

Since face-to-face meetings are still rare, communicating the value you provide has become increasingly difficult.  This applies whether you are in a sales role currently approaching customers or interviewing with a prospective employer.  Have no fear!  John Madigan, President and CEO of Executive Talent Services, LLC in Farmington, CT has a simple and highly effective […]

Have enough contacts in your large customer?

Large accounts are worth pursuing many times because of the potential payoff.  Making progress in large accounts requires patience, thoughtful planning, and persistence.  After you start doing business with large customers, it is good to evaluate your “position” and pursuit strategy.  Some questions to consider… How many decision makers? Decisions in large accounts many times […]

Getting your customer to leave a competitor

We all wish this would happen quickly.  However, many times the customer perceives risk in change.  Some thoughts on how to make the decision to change more comfortable for the customer… Understand impact of change on customer Depending on the size and complexity of your prospective customer, changing partners can have wide ranging impact.  Sampling […]

How to use your proposal to further qualify a customer

In my 4/8/2021 blog post I shared some thoughts about pursuing opportunities when competitors might be ahead of you.  Ok…let’s assume you have decided to move ahead while you know you need more information.  How you can further qualify the prospective customer while reviewing a proposal… Proposal is a “Qualifying Guideline” Your proposal “tees up” […]