Video – Orchestrating a successful follow-up meeting

I recently worked with Prepare 4 VC to share some ideas with their community on this topic. Here is an overview and the video…READ BELOW and WATCH!


You provided a demo for a potential client, and they have agreed to a follow up meeting.  Goals for the follow up meeting should be:

  • Qualify in/out (you decide whether to keep pursuing)
  • Move the process forward
  • Close a deal?!

Now what?

How to increase your chance of success:

New/additional participants in the follow up meeting will be among the  challenges.  The key to optimizing the outcome of the meeting is PREPARATION.  What you want to be sure to understand BEFORE the meeting includes:

  • Attendees and their roles
  • How to structure the meeting
  • How to present your solution
  • Interest level of each attendee
  • Likely questions
  • Attendees’ experience with similar solutions
  • How the decision process works


Demo Daze Part 2: Orchestrating The Perfect Follow-Up Meeting (

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