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Handling objections – “We have a similar solution”

What does it really mean when you hear this objection? What next? Focus on learning Start asking open-ended questions!  Some you can ask to keep the conversation going and possibly identify an opening… Sometimes open-ended questions like these can get a prospective customer thinking that maybe another option or an additional partner can provide value…and […]

Get customers to commit to a next step!

How many meetings with customers have you left where there was no agreement on the next call or meeting date?  How often after meetings are you saying “I wish I had asked for (A DESIRED NEXT STEP)”?  How to ensure getting agreement on a next step happens more frequently… First…be sure to understand your customer […]

Quality or quantity of sales calls?

When you are contacting prospective customers or partners, your goal is…of course, to find those that are interested in the solutions you offer.  Customers get tons of calls, emails, notes on social media…and ignore most, if not all.  Making a ton of calls and getting ignored sounds tiring and not very rewarding.  How to approach […]

Clients picking apart your pricing?

Clients will frequently want to know about pricing as early as possible.  How you present your pricing can directly impact the rest of the conversation with the client.  How to eliminate getting picked apart by clients… Stay away from line item pricing Line item pricing enables the client to question every line.  This puts you […]

Why invest time supporting others

While you surely focus most of your time on your clients and partners, helping others without expecting something in return can be highly valuable.  Ted Pizzo, Senior Vice President – Lockton Companies does an incredible job providing value for many in this way.  More about Ted’s approach and how investing some of your time may […]

Deals getting close but not closing?

You have made progress in the customer seeing value in your solution, maybe they have mentioned they “would like to partner”…but they have some reason they want to wait…so you feel like the deal is stuck.  How do you proceed?  How do you get the deal moving again and closed? What is the customer saying? […]

Want a higher close ratio?

It is relatively early in the fiscal year for most companies.  If your year did not start as you hoped and/or was derailed by the coronavirus situation, now is a good time to look at how you can get more out of your effort.  While working harder may result in more deals closing, adjustments in […]