Deals getting close but not closing?

You have made progress in the customer seeing value in your solution, maybe they have mentioned they “would like to partner”…but they have some reason they want to wait…so you feel like the deal is stuck.  How do you proceed?  How do you get the deal moving again and closed?

What is the customer saying?

There are many ways to get a deal moving again…depends on what the “delay” is.  A few ideas for you:

Step back and try to be creative!

Your goal is to move this deal forward and get it closed…focus on the issue creating the delay and see how you might adjust your SOW/Proposal to alleviate the concern. 

For example, if the customer is not sure how much funding they will get…

  • Do they have a sense for the range…OR…
  • What minimum do they KNOW they will receive? 

Build flexibility into your SOW/Proposal so there is a “review point” once their spend has reached a certain level or a “not to exceed” statement.

If you have some deals that are close, but feel stuck…contact a co-worker, a partner or feel free to contact me.  We would all be happy to try to help!

Feel free to contact me directly for ideas and/or help on this or other topics!

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