Why invest time supporting others

While you surely focus most of your time on your clients and partners, helping others without expecting something in return can be highly valuable.  Ted Pizzo, Senior Vice President – Lockton Companies does an incredible job providing value for many in this way.  More about Ted’s approach and how investing some of your time may help you…

Consistency builds community

Some of the call’s Ted runs are weekly, others are monthly.  The consistency of the calls provides the attendees with a “community”…as we get to know each other better, it becomes easier to help each other.  If you are uncomfortable with some part of selling, being part of or creating a community can provide a comfortable environment to build new relationships.

Expand your network “without selling”

Helping others provides a non-salesy way to grow your network.  Connections you make in this environment are more likely to either engage you for an opportunity and/or be happy to provide critical “inside” guidance for an opportunity you are pursuing.

Differentiate from competition

Building rapport and eventually trust are big factors in developing working relationships with clients.  When you are pursuing an opportunity, leveraging contacts you have invested time in helping will give you a competitive advantage.

New ideas!

The focus of Ted’s calls is on supporting each other.  Attendees are from a variety of disciplines…providing a great opportunity to learn innovative approaches to achieving a goal or resolving a challenge.  Go into supporting others with an open mind…while your intent is not getting something in return, you might be surprised!

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