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Clients delaying scheduling meetings?

I wish there were quick and easy answers on this topic.  Suggestions you might find on the internet to, for example, offer a time limit on special pricing (and other similar tactics) sometimes do not motivate customers.  Attempting this approach can undermine trust you have worked hard to build.  The answers to how to create […]

Handling Objections – Price is too high

Please do not immediately lower your price…when you get this objection an opportunity has been created for you to better understand the client’s perspective.  An approach to learning about why you got this objection and how you might respond… Price is high compared to ? Price is always relative…meaning, what are they comparing your price […]

Why invest time supporting others

While you surely focus most of your time on your clients and partners, helping others without expecting something in return can be highly valuable.  Ted Pizzo, Senior Vice President – Lockton Companies does an incredible job providing value for many in this way.  More about Ted’s approach and how investing some of your time may […]

Why double your effort this summer

During a normal year people are on vacation for some portion of the summer, including your competition.  This year, as you would expect, may have more people looking to take a break.  The translation could be MORE opportunities for your business…why? Competitors may assume customers are on vacation Many sales reps assume that customers are […]

How your client’s company culture impacts your selling effort

Particularly if you are pursuing opportunities that involve multiple contacts at your client, it will be critical to pay attention to company culture.  In talking with Al Curnow – Vice President, High Performing Culture he stated…”your client’s culture can directly impact your selling effort”.  Some thoughts on how to be more informed and decide on […]

Understanding your competition

Over the past week or so I have covered three important components of a sales pursuit strategy: 2/14/2020     Key contacts and their roles 2/18/2020     Mapping the customer’s decision process 2/21/2020     Customer decision criteria This article focuses on understanding your competitors and what they may be doing.   Learning about your competitor’s approach to the opportunity is […]

Add value by NOT SELLING all the time

Early in my career I was solely focused on closing business.  You could say I was a “bull in a china shop.”  Fortunately, I had some great mentors and co-workers that showed me why it is important to not be selling all the time.  I started to understand that getting to know my customer contacts […]