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How your client’s company culture impacts your selling effort

Particularly if you are pursuing opportunities that involve multiple contacts at your client, it will be critical to pay attention to company culture.  In talking with Al Curnow – Vice President, High Performing Culture he stated…”your client’s culture can directly impact your selling effort”.  Some thoughts on how to be more informed and decide on […]

Learning when you lose a deal?

We all have lost deals.  Some were a surprise (some not).  It happens even when you have done a great job planning, paying attention to detail and delivered a well-structured proposal.  You know the frustration you feel from these situations…I am familiar.  How do you get some clarity from the experience and, more importantly, some […]

Distractions in the way of selling?

Managing distractions is not easy whether you are trying to get more comfortable selling or a veteran.  If selling is not your favorite thing to do, it is even tougher.  You likely know you need to reach out to new/existing/previous clients and partners — your business depends on it.  Ideas on how to ensure your […]

Ramp up your pipeline quickly

Have you recently started a new sales role or is your pipeline of opportunities not large enough?  Finding new opportunities (and growing your pipeline) may be easier than you think.  How do you identify them quickly and get an action plan in place? Contact someone who can act as a mentor Mentors can be someone […]

Why mini-breaks can help you sell more

I used to think endlessly grinding was how I should approach looking for new business.  It took me a while to realize that the inevitable fatigue was not yielding the desired results.  However, when you regularly take “mini-breaks”, how you feel about your selling effort and the results improve!  What to optimize while selling Selling […]

How much do you practice presentations?

Have you ever “winged” a presentation?  I know I have in the past…generally, I did not like the results.  If you pursued being an athlete, musician or other endeavors, I imagine you invested time into practice to improve your chance of success.  How you can approach practice, learn and have some fun doing it… Watch […]

Asking for an order feel awkward?

Particularly if you are new to selling, asking for an order or to close a deal can generate some anxiety.  If you have participated in athletic or other competitions, you have heard the term “choking”.  No worries…it’s normal.  I have been playing tennis competitively for almost 50 years and still get nervous at key moments.  […]

Handling objections – customer does not want “something new”

People are naturally resistant to change.  Customers become comfortable/complacent with current solutions even if there are deficiencies.  How might you address this challenge? Identify why there is reluctance to change Customers want to look good internally in their organizations.  They measure “perceived risk” with going to a new solution.  If they put effort into selecting/implementing […]

Got goals?

What do you want to accomplish in 2021? We all have many distractions…so here is the challenging part…establishing and staying focused on the goals.  Why have goals? Ever feel like your selling effort is not focused or lacking direction?  Having goals gives your selling effort purpose and enables you to “recenter” yourself when you feel […]

Got issues you cannot control?

We all face many challenges in our selling effort.  Some issues you cannot control (e.g. supplier, technology, weather).  However, you can control how you communicate with your clients.  What is the best approach? Proactive Do not make your clients chase you for updates.  This will erode the trust you worked hard to build.  Be sure […]