Got goals?

What do you want to accomplish in 2021?

We all have many distractions…so here is the challenging part…establishing and staying focused on the goals. 

Why have goals?

Ever feel like your selling effort is not focused or lacking direction?  Having goals gives your selling effort purpose and enables you to “recenter” yourself when you feel like you are drifting.

Make them specific and measurable!

If goals are too general, how will you know if you achieved them and/or making progress?  Some examples:

  • Too general – do some prospecting
  • Specific and measurable –  Reach out to minimum 10 new potential clients before the end of this week

Make your goals VISIBLE

I mean making them physically visible by posting them where you will see them frequently:

  • Corkboard in your office
  • Documents you look at every day
  • Calendar you use
  • In your car

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