Got issues you cannot control?

We all face many challenges in our selling effort.  Some issues you cannot control (e.g. supplier, technology, weather).  However, you can control how you communicate with your clients.  What is the best approach?


Do not make your clients chase you for updates.  This will erode the trust you worked hard to build.  Be sure to proactively contact your clients on the status of the issues and your plan for addressing them.


Maintain regular contact with your clients about the issues.  For example, a recurring call (same day, time each week) for hot issues works well. 


Remember your contacts have people depending on them for updates (their clients and others internally).  Providing a brief summary on email to complement a conversation will help your contacts share updates.

Every company has challenges in meeting client’s requirements.  What can separate you from competition and BUILD TRUST is how you handle communication regarding the challenges!

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