Handling objections – customer does not want “something new”

People are naturally resistant to change.  Customers become comfortable/complacent with current solutions even if there are deficiencies.  How might you address this challenge?

Identify why there is reluctance to change

Customers want to look good internally in their organizations.  They measure “perceived risk” with going to a new solution.  If they put effort into selecting/implementing the current solution, they will feel a sense of ownership and may be resistant.

Primary reasons for reluctance include:

  • Contact would be embarrassed by changing because they implemented current solution
  • Timing/timeline…they are too close to a critical date

Evaluate your strategy

Reviewing the following will tell you whether adjusting your strategy may be productive or that the opportunity may not be worth pursuing.

  • Who are your current key customer contacts?  What are their roles?
  • What criteria are they using for deciding to stay with the current solution vs considering a new approach?
  • What happened the last time they changed solutions?

Don’t get discouraged!

If you believe your solution can provide value for this customer, do not let this objection stop you.  Taking a step back and trying new ideas/approaches my lead you to success!

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