How standing up improves presentations

Since most presentations are virtual for the time being, it is harder than it used to be to share your passion and energy during a presentation.  We spend a ton of time sitting as we work from home.  Why not do something different to energize your presentations?  Thoughts on why this is important and how to get started below.

Why this is important to you

You have many competitors, so differentiating yourself is already a challenge.  Certainly, you want your audience to feel comfortable that you have the experience and expertise to provide value for them. 

Nick Morgan, a contributor to Fortune Magazine, summarized it well…”Think about what you’re giving up when you sit. Authority is naturally taken by the person standing in a room full of seated people. If you sit down, you give up the authority and let other people take it or at least share it. The result is that it’s much harder for a speaker to hold the floor if he is seated during the presentation.”

Think more clearly!

Even when you have done your homework before a presentation, the difference can be your energy level and how well you “think on your feet”.  Presentations many times have unexpected challenges…why not give yourself the best possible chance to handle them?

Another great point from Nick Morgan…”A recent study comparing students who sat and students who were given standing desks sheds a little light on this question. It turns out that the standing students were able to focus better and longer than the sitting ones.”

Project Better!

Speaking for myself, I know if I am sitting my energy level is lower, my voice sometimes follows, and my posture may not be great.  Particularly if you are speaking with a group, standing up even in certain parts of the discussion will get the audience’s attention.  Why?  Your voice will have more energy and project better.

Try it

If this is new to you, try it with friends or family before doing so in a business setting.  It will give a comfortable environment to make mistakes and adjustments.  Find a way to raise the height of your camera so it is close to eye level.

In addition to improving presentations and meetings, your back will thank you!.