Make it easy for the customer/hiring manager to pick you!

Since face to face meetings are rare due to concerns regarding the coronavirus, communicating the value you provide has become increasingly difficult.  This applies whether you are in a sales role currently approaching customers or interviewing with a prospective employer.  Have no fear!  John Madigan, President and CEO of Executive Talent Services, LLC in Farmington, CT has a simple and highly effective solution.

Do the work for the customer

Your “customer”, whether you are selling or interviewing, is likely under greater stress than normal.  This means they will be less willing to spend time evaluating options.  If the customer must work hard to identify whether you and/or your solution is a fit, you are toast.  However, if you make it easy for the customer by comparing their interests side by side with your qualifications/solution, you are much more likely to stay in the game.  John calls this the “Two Column Letter”.

“The two-column letter works well when applying for jobs because it simplifies the job of the recruiter, who has to screen applications. That person can easily see how you match the requirements of the position which substantially improves your probability of being screened in versus out.”

For the sake of brevity, here is the core of a sample letter…

Challenging to develop a Two Column Letter?

No worries.  Identifying what you do not know is a great step toward a better meeting/interview.  It will generate action items you should pursue immediately.  Get help from your coaches, co-workers and others.  Explain what you are trying to put together and great ideas will surely flow.

Be confident despite not “being there” in person

Most of your sales calls/interviews are going to be via WebEx, Zoom, other video conference tools or by phone.  Imagine how much easier it will be to walk a customer/prospective employer thru this simple summary…thank you John!

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