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2 questions to differentiate you from competition

Differentiating your “selling effort” whether you are a salesperson, marketing/operations/engineering professional or interviewing can come down to one concept…respecting the time of every person you encounter in your “target” organization.  This includes everyone from the person who answers the phone to the executive you are trying to meet with. Why a reminder about basics? I […]

Inside the mind of your next Sales Manager

If you are considering changing sales roles and/or going into a sales role…read on…some insight that will help you prepare. Ken McGovern, President of KMR Executive Search, has many years of experience providing retained search services for companies in a variety of industries.  During a recent conversation with Ken, he provided some great insight into […]

Make it easy for the customer/hiring manager to pick you!

Since face to face meetings are rare due to concerns regarding the coronavirus, communicating the value you provide has become increasingly difficult.  This applies whether you are in a sales role currently approaching customers or interviewing with a prospective employer.  Have no fear!  John Madigan, President and CEO of Executive Talent Services, LLC in Farmington, […]