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Make it easy for the customer/hiring manager to pick you!

Since face to face meetings are rare due to concerns regarding the coronavirus, communicating the value you provide has become increasingly difficult.  This applies whether you are in a sales role currently approaching customers or interviewing with a prospective employer.  Have no fear!  John Madigan, President and CEO of Executive Talent Services, LLC in Farmington, […]

Adjusting how you prepare for sales presentations

You likely had an approach to preparing for presentations that worked…until about late February.  Creating a new process or adjusting your current process is likely necessary in order to maximize results with your customers.  What changed (as a result of everyone working from home)? What worked until late February Until recently if you needed to […]

Not Selling in the coronavirus environment: Maybe the best questions you can ask your customers

I am still hearing frequently it is considered “tone deaf” to try to drive a sales opportunity forward with many customers.  Consistent with this theme, Avi Smith-Rappaport, President of We Care Computers in West Hartford, CT has been asking business colleagues and friends “Do you have everything you need?”  Avi recently told me this question […]