Qualify (and educate) clients at the same time!

Qualifying a new potential client can be challenging.  Consider they may not know or trust you…yet.  Using a summary of solutions you offer to support a conversation, can be a great way to help you learn more about the client’s interests (information you want early in the process!).

Educate and qualify at the same time

Showing interest in the client’s goals/challenges plays a large role in developing trust.  Clients also want to know you have “been there before”…so providing some education in a non-salesy way can help with this effort.

What kind of solution summary should you use?  Do what works for you…some ideas…

  • Slides
  • Brochures
  • PDFs
  • Website
  • Others

A great example – what Susan Rains uses

Susan Rains, Owner – Susan Rains Designs, finds the document she developed to be effective in determining which services a client might have some interest in.  Here is a section of her document…

Questions you can ask

Some ideas on questions you can ask while taking a prospective client thru your solutions summary

Take a look at what you already have, try it and enjoy the results!

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