Celebrate your wins!

Selling can be hard work.  Sales cycles to organizations small and large can take months.  In order to energize your pursuit of the “next deal(s)”, taking some time to celebrate your accomplishment is important.  Here is some perspective…

Selling tests you in many ways

Figuring out how best to approach your customer can be complex.  The work involved tests your creativity, patience, persistence and your mental toughness.  If you worked hard to put a meal together or for an athletic event and accomplished your goal and/or made progress, you probably took time to enjoy the accomplishment, right?

How about a test you prepared for in school?  At least you celebrated that it was over!

Feeling worn down by a tough sales pursuit that you won?

Some wins take longer and are more complex than you anticipated.  Sometimes this kind of win can feel like that test in school…you are initially more glad it is done than happy you won.  HOWEVER, this may be the win that accelerates the growth of your company…some questions to ask yourself about that tough win:

  • What did I do well in pursuit of the deal?
  • What did I do differently with this win that maybe I would not have 6 months ago?
  • How can this win help me close other deals I am pursuing (e.g. by becoming a reference)
  • What do I want to do differently in pursuit of the next deal that is similar?

Reward yourself and those that helped you

Do whatever works for you.  If someone worked hard with you to help you close the deal (in your company or at the customer), do something to show your appreciation.  That will make you feel good for sure!

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