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Celebrate your wins!

Selling can be hard work.  Sales cycles to organizations small and large can take months.  In order to energize your pursuit of the “next deal(s)”, taking some time to celebrate your accomplishment is important.  Here is some perspective… Selling tests you in many ways Figuring out how best to approach your customer can be complex.  […]

Selling in the coronavirus environment: What your executives can do for you

Why is it usually hard to schedule your executives to connect with your customers?  In addition to having a lot of demands on their time, they were travelling!  Since that is not happening at least in the near term, you have a unique opportunity to connect your executives with your customers. Go on “offense” – […]

Selling in the coronavirus environment: How to keep deals on track

Since access to your customers is more difficult, getting feedback on how deals are progressing is more challenging as a result.  My March 31, 2020 post was focused on how to have documents “speak for themselves” because having the number and depth of conversations we used to have is more difficult.  Here is great example […]

Selling in the coronavirus environment: Managing your Sales Manager

Depending on how your company is addressing challenges with sales reps’ performance due to the restrictions, communication with your manager may be more critical than ever.  Thinking ahead and proactively communicating with them (vs. waiting for them to track you down) are the keys to this going well.  Here are some important considerations and some […]

How to differentiate yourself when you are interviewing

Whether selling is something you are comfortable with or not, a critical part of the interviewing process is understanding the competitive landscape.  Here are some questions to consider: How many other candidates are you competing with? 10? 20? More? If you cannot get this information, assume you have many competitors…it will make you work smarter. […]

Ramp up your pipeline quickly – brainstorm with a mentor

Have you recently started a new sales role or is your pipeline of opportunities not large enough?  Finding new opportunities (and growing your pipeline) may be easier than you think.  How do you identify them quickly and get an action plan in place? Contact someone who can act as a mentor Mentors can be someone […]

Why Differentiation is Critical for a Sales Representative

Let’s say you are a sales representative for a technology company trying to call on IT Directors. How many of your competitors are doing the same thing? The following is a small sample (thirteen) of the types of companies that might call an IT Director. This could easily become 30-40 vendors calling the same IT […]