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Sales stalled? How to create a sense of urgency

I wish there were quick and easy answers on this topic.  Suggestions you might find on the internet to, for example, offer a time limit on special pricing (and other similar tactics) sometimes do not motivate customers.  Attempting this approach can undermine trust you have worked hard to build.  The answers come from understanding your […]

Quality or quantity of sales calls?

When you are contacting prospective customers or partners, your goal is…of course, to find those that are interested in the solutions you offer.  Customers get tons of calls, emails, notes on social media…and ignore most, if not all.  Making a ton of calls and getting ignored sounds tiring and not very rewarding.  How to approach […]

Celebrate your wins!

Selling can be hard work.  Sales cycles to organizations small and large can take months.  In order to energize your pursuit of the “next deal(s)”, taking some time to celebrate your accomplishment is important.  Here is some perspective… Selling tests you in many ways Figuring out how best to approach your customer can be complex.  […]

Asking for an order feel awkward?

Particularly if you are new to selling, asking for an order or to close a deal can generate some anxiety.  If you have participated in athletic or other competitions, you have heard the term “choking”.  No worries…it’s normal.  I have been playing tennis competitively for almost 50 years and still get nervous at key moments.  […]

Selling in the coronavirus environment: Managing your Sales Manager

Depending on how your company is addressing challenges with sales reps’ performance due to the restrictions, communication with your manager may be more critical than ever.  Thinking ahead and proactively communicating with them (vs. waiting for them to track you down) are the keys to this going well.  Here are some important considerations and some […]

Want a higher close ratio?

It is relatively early in the fiscal year for most companies.  If your year did not start as you hoped and/or was derailed by the coronavirus situation, now is a good time to look at how you can get more out of your effort.  While working harder may result in more deals closing, adjustments in […]