Getting your customer to leave a competitor

We all wish this would happen quickly.  However, many times the customer perceives risk in change.  Some thoughts on how to make the decision to change more comfortable for the customer…

Understand impact of change on customer

Depending on the size and complexity of your prospective customer, changing partners can have wide ranging impact.  Sampling of areas that could be impacted and have influence over decisions to change:

  • IT
  • End User (who is “consuming” your solution)
  • Finance
  • Procurement

Important note: Changing from a competitor’s solution to your solution may require internal communication and training.

Know the questions customers ask internally

Understanding how the customer will evaluate a potential change should provide great guidance for your pursuit of the opportunity.

  • What is the investment of time, resources, and money?
  • What will be the impact of changing partners?
  • How does the impact compare to what they have to invest?

Start Slow

Customers will perceive greater risk in quick, large scale changes.  They are likely to be more comfortable starting with smaller engagements that have limited/containable risk.  Offer your customer two or three options for starting to work with your organization and begin to see the value in changing.

Under promise, Overdeliver

Initial engagements are opportunities to shine in contrast to the challenges your customer faces with your competitor.  Target your effort to overdeliver toward areas where your competitor is struggling.  For example, if they are sluggish with delivering proposals, figure out how to respond rapidly. 

Stay in regular communication with your customer to ensure they see the value in working with your company and ask about additional opportunities!

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