Challenging getting to executives at your client?

Sometimes executives at client organizations are elusive.  They filter who they choose to spend time with.  The question for you is…who can help you connect and how do you manage that relationship?

Do not steamroll Administrative Support

Whether the executives at your client are working in person or remote, they likely have someone helping them filter incoming requests and manage their schedule.  What is your job now?  Get to know the people that play these roles.  Do you want these contacts saying you are pain in the butt/pushy…OR…that you have been courteous, helpful and patient?

Building a relationship with Administrative Support

Some key things to pay attention to:

  • What is their role?
  • What goals are they focused on?
  • How are they trying to further educate themselves?
  • When does their company have Admin Appreciation Day(s)?
  • What do they do for fun outside of work?

This will provide great ideas for how you might be able to help them and show your appreciation.

Help them when there is nothing in it for you

Contact them when you are simply “checking in” on, for example, how their class they are taking at night is going.  If you are not always asking them for something, they will feel your effort is genuine.

Taking this approach will separate you from most of your competitors. When you REALLY need their help, they are more likely to get things done for you.

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