How are you thanking your customers (and prospects)?

It has been a tough year for many.  I realize this may seem very basic…there is so much going on, however, this relatively small (yet important) task can easily get lost or delayed.  Thanking your customers and prospects for their time will certainly be welcomed.

Customers are obvious, how about your prospects?

It is easy to think of the customers that you have done the most business with and/or those you recently stared working with.  What about the prospective customers you have been pursuing?  If they are spending time with you, hopefully it is because they have some level of sincere interest.  This might separate you from competition…so, it is worth thanking them in some way and sending some good holiday wishes.

Lots of options!

There are many ways to do this…some have advantages…

  • Handwritten Card
    • The best approach from my view.  It shows you took time to think about the person and the message you are sharing.  Hardly anyone does this…great way to stand out!
  • Video Conference/Phone call
    • This can be fun.  How about scheduling them during “lunch” and having food delivered to your customer/prospect?
  • eCard
    • Not a bad option if you have a lot of people to thank.
  • Email/LinkedIn message
    • Does not require much effort and can be personalized.

Any of these options are good examples of how “not selling” can be good for the working relationships you have worked hard to develop!

Feel free to contact me directly for ideas and/or help on this or other topics!

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