How a sense of urgency NOW with customers can grow your business

Customers are trying to finish 2020 in the best shape possible and are planning for 2021.  They are likely working on 2nd drafts of plans for 2021 and are beginning to make decisions about priorities…meaning, what projects will get funded and who they spend with.  Assuming 2020 has been challenging for them, they are “crazy busy”.  Ideas to resolve challenges and/or grow their business are more welcome than ever!

Knowing your customer is the key!

Take some time to ensure you are up to date on the following.  This will naturally lead to ideas on how you can help them have a great 2021. 

  • Business trends with your customer, their industry and their customers
  • Projects your customer is focusing on
  • Growth your customer is seeking
  • How your customer will make decisions

If it has been a while since you last understood the customer’s decision process, check out these posts I shared earlier this year

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Be a proactive resource for your customer

Waiting for your customer to be less busy or for them to contact you will leave you on the sideline.  Given the “homework” I mentioned above, how can you be proactive in providing valuable information for your customer?

  • Connecting your executive(s) with your customer to discuss 2021?
  • Orchestrating a technical discussion with a senior resource in your company?
  • Research on solution options?
  • Others?

There are not many guarantees in selling, however, being a proactive resource for your customers will certainly improve your chances of growing your share of what the customer spends!

Feel free to contact me directly for ideas and/or help on this or other topics!

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