Which sales opportunities to pursue?

You are one person with “X” amount of time…where do you focus your selling effort?  Deciding between smaller opportunities that have shorter sales cycles and larger opportunities that take longer to close can be challenging.  A couple of ideas that may help you prioritize…

How do you define a “Qualified Opportunity”?

Having a definition for a “Qualified Opportunity” can provide an easy way to see where you stand in your pursuit of the business.  Definitions generally include the following:

  • Challenge(s) at client signal need for your solution(s)
  • Sense of urgency to resolve challenge is clear
  • Funding is available

If you understand the above (and other) aspects of how you are defining a Qualified Opportunity, you may have a great opportunity that is worth continued effort.  Conversely, lack of this information tells you there is homework to do.

What is your “Pipeline” telling you?

Assuming you have a sales opportunity “pipeline”, key columns such as “Total $ Value” and “Sales Stage (where you are in the selling process)” will provide critical input.  In addition, you likely have target clients that you believe are worth investing time and energy for long-term gain.

This information along with how well qualified the opportunity is (see above) should make prioritizing your time easier!   Blocking time off on a recurring basis for this type of review will help maintain your focus on the most important opportunities.

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