Have enough contacts in your large customer?

Large accounts are worth pursuing many times because of the potential payoff.  Making progress in large accounts requires patience, thoughtful planning, and persistence.  After you start doing business with large customers, it is good to evaluate your “position” and pursuit strategy.  Some questions to consider…

How many decision makers?

Decisions in large accounts many times are made by organization or department.  This means there will be additional decision processes and decision makers.

Why should you spread your risk through growth?

The contacts you started doing business with may not be able to or willing to actively help you grow by expanding to other parts of the company.  Expanding the number and seniority of contacts you are working with will help protect your position and reveal new opportunities.

How long will your contacts be in their roles?

People change jobs and companies.  If your contact leaves, do the business you are doing go elsewhere?

What’s next?

Take 10 minutes with a scrap piece of paper and create a version of the chart below for a large account you are doing business with…it will be worth the effort!

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