How to use your proposal to further qualify a customer

In my 4/8/2021 blog post I shared some thoughts about pursuing opportunities when competitors might be ahead of you.  Ok…let’s assume you have decided to move ahead while you know you need more information.  How you can further qualify the prospective customer while reviewing a proposal…

Proposal is a “Qualifying Guideline”

Your proposal “tees up” an opportunity to learn and should do a great job representing the following:

  • Homework you have done on the prospective customer
  • You
  • Your company
  • Value your company provides

The document should have some structure…“sections” that make it easier to ask questions:

This might get you business faster than you think!

Taking this approach to further qualifying using your proposal can make a great impression on customers and help you further develop a productive working relationship with key contacts.  You can take a major step forward toward closing business!

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