How to approach tough questions from customers

You know you will get them…how to address them?  You can either hope you do not get them or take a proactive approach.  Likely you will be more comfortable if you are prepared…

Tough questions you are likely to hear?

There are the common “objections” like pricing, timeline and others.  Then there are others that are more challenging.  Think back to recent customer meetings and/or ask others you work with…

  • We do not see you have experience in our industry, why should we buy from your company?
  • We heard about X issues with your solution and are concerned we would have the same experience.  Your thoughts?
  • Your company is small/new…how do we know your company can handle our requirements?

How to prepare

Winging it does not work.  Thinking ahead will make for more frequent positive outcomes in calls with customers.

  • List the toughest questions you have been asked and/or anticipate hearing
  • Outline potential responses
  • Practice and enhance

Get some guidance

Do you have someone internal to the customer that can provide some guidance (an internal coach)?  Get their input on questions you anticipate and those they may suggest will surface.  You will certainly feel more prepared as you pursue driving more business!

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