What I learned from helping college students

I have recently worked with many college student helping them prepare for interviews and getting off to a good start in new sales roles.  They are all bright, hard working and overall very impressive.  Early on, I had to eliminate expectations/ideas normally associated with experienced salespeople and found it was important to identify “where they are”.  More thoughts about what I learned and how it applies to a selling role…

Fair to assume – College Students

Most of the students I work with are trying to head toward a sales role after graduation.  It is fair to assume that college has provided these students many things including:

  • Good foundation of business related knowledge
  • How a sales process is structured
  • To varying degrees…opportunities to practice selling skills

Not fair to assume – College Students

While some students have had summer sales roles, most have not had the benefit of real-life sales experience.  So…it not fair to assume they, for example can:

  • Fully qualify an opportunity
  • Orchestrate other resources and prepare them for a customer meeting
  • Handle objections in real-time
  • “Manage their manager”

How this applies to your selling role

You should not assume your customer contacts know the following about you or your company:

  • Dedication to helping them grow/resolve issues
  • Capabilities
  • Value
  • Experience / Success with similar customers

Meet your customers “where they are”

I have certainly made the mistake of assuming the customer had certain knowledge or confidence.  Maybe I was in a rush or a bit lazy…avoid this by figuring out what your customers know and how they perceive you and your company.  Identify the gaps and invest time to educate them!

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