Quality of sales calls vs. quantity

When you are contacting prospective customers, your goal is…of course, to find those that are interested in the solutions you offer.  Customers get tons of calls, emails, notes on social media…and ignore most if not all.  Making a ton of calls and getting ignored sounds tiring and not very rewarding.  How to approach making a smaller number of high-quality calls and get positive results…

Who does your prospective customer want to do business with?

Customers want to do business with salespeople that:

  • Understand their business, their challenges and industry trends
  • Advocate for them to help thru issues
  • Reduce their stress
  • Think ahead for them

Do the homework

This helps you gain the required knowledge…there is no other way to be able to align the value you provide to your prospective customer.

Resist the urge to make a high volume of calls!

What sounds better?  50 calls in a day with no interest…OR…5 calls and 2 customers that are interested?  Take the time you might have invested in the 45 other calls into doing prep work and developing creative approaches to getting your customers’ attention.  You will enjoy the positive results!

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