Following up on video conference sales calls

Customers are busy, have lots of distractions and certainly do not read many emails.  They scan…so…when you send a cover note your objectives should include:

  • Keeping the note to “one screen”
  • Making the information you are including (and likely attaching) EASY to find

1st paragraph

  • Thank the customer for their time in your recent call
  • Ask them to review and comment on the information they requested

2nd paragraph

Use a bolded “header” with something like “Summary of information requested”

  • Create a bulleted list of the files you have attached
  • Be sure this list matches the sequence in which you attach the files to the emails
  • Each bullet should include the exact file name and a brief description of what information that file contains

3rd paragraph

Brief note that you are looking forward to your next meeting on X date and continuing the conversation.

Differentiate yourself and shorten the relationship building process

Getting the information out in a timely manner will demonstrate your professionalism and aid in your effort to be top of mind with your prospective customer.

Building relationships and trust with new customers via video conference includes many challenges.  Doing a great job with cover notes is one of many ways you address these challenges!

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