Structuring a “Thank you” note after a meeting

Building a working relationship with a new customer is challenging.  Sending an effective “Thank you” note can help differentiate you from your competition and keep a customer conversation on track.  Here are the key ideas to keep in mind:

  • One screen – so customer does not have to scroll a lot to read it
  • Bullets –  so they can scan (people are too busy to read)

Here is an outline you can work from…modify the approach to fit your business.

1st paragraph in Thank You note

  • Share your appreciation for their time and information they shared
  • Ask them to review a summary of your notes / action items (below) from the meeting and to comment

2nd paragraph

  • Bolded Header with something like “Notes from our discussion”
  • Bullet list of key points discussed (emphasizing where the customer saw value in your solutions)

3rd paragraph

  • Bolded Header with “Action Items”
  • Bullet list or table with Action Items, Owners, Due Dates

Wrap Up

Share how you are looking forward to continuing the conversation

How you manage communication with your customers is more important than ever.  If a customer has provided their mailing address, you can really impress them with a handwritten note.  Thank you notes will not take much time to develop and can make a big difference for your business!

Have a great week!

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