You got Springsteen’s energy and effort?

I imagine you have heard from a coach, professor or a manager there are two things you can control…your effort and attitude.  Whether you are in a selling role or not, you want to make sure your effort and positive attitude are highly visible to your senior management and your customers.  Why is this important and what can you do creatively to ensure it happens?

Effort and attitude are magnets

There is something about human nature that make great effort and positive attitude attractive particularly during a time like this.  People who put in the extra effort and have amazing attitudes in the face of adversity tend to stand out.  This is not a time to melt into the crowd.  While you may need to push thru some anxiety, your actions will provide welcome leadership.  Your management and customers will notice!

Get creative!

Here are a few thoughts…I am sure you have additional ideas!

  • Start a new business idea workgroup on video conference with co-workers
  • Proactively seek input from your management on deals you are pursuing (be sure to schedule follow up calls to “stay in front” of them)
  • Volunteer to share ideas with other salespeople
  • Host calls with your customers and your subject matter experts
  • Document suggestions you develop and share with your management including target date for implementation.

No one said it better than Bruce Springsteen

If you are a Springsteen fan, you may know he does a riveting version of Raise your Hand.  Read the lyrics below and if you REALLY want to energize your day, click the picture.

If there’s something you need
Or that you just don’t have
Well just don’t sit there
A-feeling bad…
Come on now get up
Try and understand
Just raise your hand

Have a great week!

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