Dealing with anxiety in a sales role?

The challenges that selling presents can generate anxiety.  The next question is…how do you deal with it.  Do you face it head on, viewing it as a challenge, or do you find it gets in the way of your progress?  During a recent conversation with Lisa Schermerhorn and Kevin Martin from Peak Performance Mindset Coaching they provided some great insight…read below!

Feeling stuck in neutral?

Anyone who has spent time in a selling role has experienced some anxiety.  Let’s start with the idea that you should not feel alone.  Kevin Martin talked about how the amount of emphasis (frequently from management) on the outcome of the sales process creates pressure.  He noted “…doing badly is ok…meaning it is better than doing nothing.  How ‘badly” is defined differs from person to person”.

So, if you are feeling stuck in neutral, connect with a friend or co-worker and come up with a couple ideas you can try.  Check in with each other a few days later to see how it is going.

Concerned about “failing”?

Most great athletes, musicians, chefs have failed MANY times.  You can find quotes from them emphasizing how they learned more from their failures than victories.  Kevin summarized what he has seen many times…”Some people are so concerned about feeling badly that they avoid certain activities and/or committing to goals”. 

Being focused on goals, whether you develop them or your management imposes them, is part of selling.  Hopefully you are in an environment that allows for failure and sees it as part of the learning process. 

Changing your mindset can really help!

Facing rejection and objections from customers is part of selling.  Accepting this and not taking it personally can take some time.  Lisa Schermerhorn provided a great example of a fun way to change your mindset…”Over a period of time, anticipate the idea that you WILL face challenges and count the No’s you get from customers.  Not that you are wishing for more of them…keeping track can provide feedback regarding your effort level and help you have some fun trying to move forward with sales opportunities.”

A brief summary…

Here is a summary of some suggestions…

Keep moving forward and have a great week!

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