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Keeping your sales toughness

Selling already requires preparation, creativity, patience and persistence.  Considering business is harder to find and sales cycles have become longer, your willingness to “keep at it” while being sensitive to customers’ challenges is being tested.  How might you maintain or enhance your sales toughness? Re-evaluate your goals Figuring this out starts with your ability to […]

Selling in the coronavirus environment: What your executives can do for you

Why is it usually hard to schedule your executives to connect with your customers?  In addition to having a lot of demands on their time, they were travelling!  Since that is not happening at least in the near term, you have a unique opportunity to connect your executives with your customers. Go on “offense” – […]

Selling in the coronavirus environment: How to keep deals on track

Since access to your customers is more difficult, getting feedback on how deals are progressing is more challenging as a result.  My March 31, 2020 post was focused on how to have documents “speak for themselves” because having the number and depth of conversations we used to have is more difficult.  Here is great example […]

Selling in the coronavirus environment: Presentations, proposals need to speak for themselves!

How is the use of video conferencing impacting how your presentations are going?  Are the same slide presentations and proposal documents working well?  When we were all presenting in person, we could leave certain aspects of the proposals for conversation because it was easy to read the customer’s interest level.  Spending some time reviewing your […]

Managing customer relationships given Coronavirus related restrictions

Before we all had to start working from home we had a lot of options for managing existing customer relationships.  Maybe you had easy access to key customer contacts and could have informal discussions.  Walking into someone’s office was a possibility.  Recurring meetings you may have had could be informal because you were in the […]