Getting the customer’s attention in challenging times

The current coronavirus situation is, of course, creating enormous challenges for many businesses.  Challenges of this magnitude will turn the customer’s attention internally.  They are less likely to “make a change” in the midst of these issues.  How can you provide value and/or get their attention?

Identify the challenges they are facing

Focus every possible minute on listening and learning!  The only conversations your customers want to have are those related to protecting their business and solving problems.  Some questions to ask:

  • What is the organization now focused on?
  • Who internally has been impacted? 
    • How have their priorities shifted?
  • What projects are now postponed? 
    • How will this impact your customer?
  • What projects are now prioritized?

Build trust by NOT SELLING

In my post on 1/24/2020 the focus was on providing value by NOT SELLING all the time.  This is a time to provide information that somehow relieves some of the pressure customers are facing.  Find creative ways to get the information to your customers:

  • Directly connecting two customers facing the same issue
  • Offer time with your subject matter experts via video conference
  • Webinars

This may be a great way to “break thru” in a prospective customer. If your competitors are less attentive, you may have created an opportunity for yourself!

Share your company’s knowledge and experience

How is your company addressing the increase in “work at home” employees?  What has your company done for other customers in the same industry to address some of the recent challenges? 

Customers under pressure want the shortest possible path to solutions.  They will feel more comfortable if others have taken the same approach before them.  Be assertive in sharing your company’s knowledge and experience.  This approach to sharing information will help build trust with current and prospective customers. New opportunities will develop as a result!

Feel free to contact me directly for ideas and/or help on this topic.