Discussion with UCONN Sales Management Class – Differentiation throughout the Sales Process

 On Thursday January 30, I had the privilege of speaking with UCONN business students taking a course called Sales Management & Leadership with Assistant Professor Bill Ryan.  This course is part of a Professional Sales Leadership curriculum offered by UCONN.  This curriculum is a tremendous opportunity for students either looking to pursue a career in professional selling or to improve their understanding of the selling process for other career opportunities.  I wish I had this opportunity when I was in college! 

The students had great ideas and many fantastic questions about the selling process, developing a pipeline of opportunities and how they can differentiate themselves when in a selling role.  Their curiosity and life experience (e.g. developing resilience in trying to improve any skill) will serve them well in their careers.

 Interviewing for a Job is a Selling Process

We had a lot of discussion regarding the parallels between interviewing for a job and selling for a company…the process is the same!  The only difference is that the students will be trying to differentiate themselves from other students interviewing for the same position!

If you have a student attending these classes at UCONN, have an open conversation about how they plan to differentiate themselves.  Encourage them to be creative and share your ideas.  

 Going Forward

Please see the links below and feel free to contact me with ideas and questions.

UCONN’s Professional Sales Leadership  –https://marketing.business.uconn.edu/undergraduate/professional-sales-leadership/

Checkout my Sales Coaching blog – https://marckitz.com/